REW İstanbul

Water recovery essential for sustainability!

İFO Fuarcılık, organizer of Turkey’s first International Recycling, Environmental Technologies and Waste Management Trade Fair - REW Istanbul, released a statement to mark the occasion of World Water Day on 22nd March which emphasized the importance of waste water management in terms of future sustainability.

Zekeriya Aytemur, İFO Fuarcılık Managing Director, indicated that approximately 1.1 billion people are having problems in accessing clean water sources and 2.4 billion people do not have access to sufficiently healthy water. He also said that recovery will affect future water usage and according to the waste water action plan prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, 1,501 new waste water treatment plants will be constructed by 2023. Mr. Aytemur added: “Figures indicate that waste water in Turkey is not used at all. According to the data of the Ministry, there are 57 cities that do not re-use waste water. In other cities, some of the waste waters are used to irrigate only the parks, gardens and green areas’’. According to the 2014 year-end data of TUIK, Turkey’s municipalities discharge 4.3 billion m3 of waste water. The annual amount of the discharged waste water per person is calculated at 66 thousand litres, a huge amount in a world where water resources are limited. Mr. Aytemur also commented on the importance of re-using waste water resulting from residential and production usage in order to move towards environmental sustainability. New domestic and industrial type technologies that enable waste water to be re-used will be on display at the 12th REW Istanbul taking place from 28-30 April.

7.6 billion m3 water drawn from water resources!

According to the latest data released by TUIK, the amount of water drawn into the potable water network by the municipalities in 2014 was calculated at 203 litres/day/person on average. This amount is 181 litres for Istanbul, 211 liters for Ankara and 180 liters for Izmir. 4.3 billion m3 of the total 5.2 billion m3 water drawn from water resources by the municipalities, was discharged. Production facilities drew 2.4 billion m3 of water in 2014 and 1.9 billion m3 of this water was discharged mostly into seas.

1,501 Waste Water Treatment Plants are planned to be built by 2023 according to the waste water treatment action plan of the Ministry.

At the end of 2014, there were a total of 597 domestic waste water treatment plants in Turkey serving approximately 58.998.171 people. According to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation – General Directorate of Environmental Management, in 2014 there were just 31 cities that have one waste water treatment plant with a capacity of 10,000 m3/day or more and 25 cities that have at least two or more waste water treatment plants of this capacity. According to the waste water action plan prepared by the Ministry, a total of 1,501 new waste water treatment plants will be constructed by end 2023.

The technologies that shape the future of “Water usage” will be exhibited at the fair

The technologies that shape the future of water usage such as Advanced Treatment of Waste Water, Recovery of Process Waters, Recovery of Precious Metals from Waste Water, Re-use of Cooling Waters etc., will be exhibited at Eurasia’s leading environmental technologies trade fair REW Istanbul 2016. For more information about the 12th REW Istanbul that will take place from 28-30 April, 2016, visit the official website at www.rewistanbul.com.