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​Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation Prepared 2023 Waste Water Treatment Action Plan

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation prepared 2023 waste water action plan. According to the plan, 1501 new waste water treatment plants will be constructed.

The number of waste water treatment plants was 145 in 2002 and reached 653 in 2015. The Ministry maximized 2023 target in terms of these plants. 1501 new plants will be constructed in addition to 653 existing plants.

The action plan covers the following factors until 2023:

-New waste water treatment plants to be constructed, types and initial investment costs of these treatment plants,
-Existing waste water treatment plants that will be renovated and transformed, their types and costs,
-Necessary new sewer systems and initial investment costs,
-Obsolete sewer systems that are required to be renovated and their costs,
-Operation costs and financing sources for these plants.

According to the prepared Action Plan, a total of 1501 Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) are prescribed to be constructed until 2023. 1418 of these plants will be new plants while 83 of these waste water treatment plants are already existing and will be renovated under this plan.

-An Action Plan was also prepared for Sewers in line with the Waste Water Action Plan-

Under the action plan, 30 thousand kilometer-long sewers will be constructed until 2023. In addition, existing 30 thousand kilometer-long sewers will be renovated. So, the plan covers the construction and renovation of total 60 thousand kilometer-long sewers.
Fatma Güldemet Sarı, Minister of Environment and Urbanisation made a statement regarding this issue and said: “This action plan will be a significant milestone to complete environmental infrastructure deficiencies in the country under Turkey’s Vision 2023”.