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Tarsus Turkey, REW İstanbul Recycling, Environmental Technologies and Waste Management International Trade Fair’ s organizer company, stated the results of environmental research in 2018 aimed at organized industrial zones. The research, which includes 222 organized industrial zones within total of 53.757 companies in Turkey, reveals the need for infrastructure in production-sourced waste management and recycling. Accordingly, in 77% of organized industrial zones there aren’t any environmental management systems and 58% don’t have central water treatment system. There isn’t process waste management in 86%, hazardous waste management in 87% and packaging waste management in 86% of those.

Tarsus Turkey Assistant General Manager Seda BOZKURT has mentioned; system and human resources investment needs in Organized Industrial Zones’ environmental investments and commented “Each manufacturing company has a legal liability to either recycle the production-sourced wastes and reuse as raw material or dispose them with minimum environmental damage. Organized industrial zones, in which thousands of manufacturers existing together are the structures able to minimize companies’ legal and financial burden regarding waste. According to the results of environmental research in 2018 aimed at organized industrial zones, in total of 222 Organized Industrial Zones, including companies that release hazardous waste, particularly waste water and process waste in Turkey, only 23% has environmental management system. Therefore, in order to manage waste properly, each Organized Industrial Zone shall have environmental management system”

50 out of 222 Organized Industrial Zones have environmental management system across Turkey

According to the results of environmental research in 2018 aimed at organized industrial zones, 50 of those have environmental management system. There isn’t central water treatment system in 23%, domestic waste management, process waste management and hazardous waste management in 47% of those. Only 15% of organized industrial zones, who has environmental system, also have primary waste water treatment facility.

Only Direct Solution for Sustainable Environment is “Technology Investment”

Seda Bozkurt underlined the importance of environmental management system and necessary technology infrastructure that may enable to minimize waste management cost for individual companies in the Organized Industrial zones in Turkey, with regards to sustainable environment.
She said, “In its 15th edition, Organized Industrial Zones’ main needs in recycling, reuse, waste management and environmental technologies will be showcased under the roof of International REW Istanbul, leading environmental Technologies platform in Eurasia, with the main scopes “Solid Waste, Waste Water, Waste Gas and Green Energy” in March 21st – 24th.”

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