REW İstanbul


The 14th edition of International REW Istanbul, the leading environmental technologies trade fair in Eurasia organized by İFO Fair Organization, a member of Tarsus Group, under the topics of ‘‘Solid Waste, Waste Water, Waste Gas and Green Energy, will open on February 15th. Visitors will bring metal, glass, plastic or carton packaging wastes instead of tickets to enter the fair that will be organized with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. All sectoral innovations ranging from recycling machines, waste disposal technologies, garbage separation systems, new generation urban sweeping vehicles, water and waste water treatment to bioenergy will be put on display at REW Istanbul 2018. The event will play host to many local and international exhibitors and visitors.

Supported by Tarsus Group, which organizes over 130 fairs and conference events in 15 different countries around the world, and the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning; REW Istanbul 2018 will feature the products and services of the sector. Hundreds of innovations in the main categories of Solid Waste, Water and Waste Water, Treatment Sludge, Waste Gas, Green Energy, General Equipment, Urban Sweeping Vehicles and Instruments, Measurement and Adjustment Technologies, Noise and Soil Pollution, Service and Maintenance, Accident Prevention, Occupational Safety and Risk Management and Scientific Research and Development will be exhibited during the fair.

REW İSTANBUL will present many innovations particularly to industrialists, SMEs, local authorities and Organized Industrial Zones!

Industrialists and SMEs wishing to convert their wastes into energy and reusable raw materials as well as the Organized Industrial Zones, municipalities having environmental responsibilities, sector representatives producing finished and semi-finished products from wastes, producers of machines, materials and equipment used in environmental technologies, occupational health and safety professionals and investors aiming to expand into new markets will find more than their expectations at REW Istanbul 2018.

The agendas of the sector will be discussed at REW İSTANBUL conferences!

The technologies to be put on display as well as the conventional conference schedule of REW ISTANBUL will continue to take the pulse of the sector. In the panels and sessions to be organized by the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and Occupational Health and Safety Experts Association (İSGDER); specialized speakers will make their presentations regarding the agendas of the sector for the visitors of the fair.

For more information about the 14th edition of the International REW Istanbul that will take place on February 15th to 17th, 2018 with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, you can visit the website www.rewistanbul.com.