REW İstanbul

Onlab looking forward to meeting their customers at REW Istanbul 2016

ONLAB has created waste management solution systems for smart cities since 2014. ONLAB sets out to reduce waste disposal costs by up to 50% and improve service quality by developing waste container remote monitoring and management system technologies. ONLAB is a solutions provider to municipalities, private environmental cleaning and waste management companies, recycling companies and other industries requiring remote level monitoring.

The Company will showcase ONSENSE branded software solutions which measure the fill level of waste containers and calculates optimal collection routes for waste collection vehicles by using ultrasonic level sensor and remote level monitoring software. In this way ONSENSE enables municipalities or private waste management companies to deliver better quality and environmentally friendly serviceswith fewer resources and manpower.

Onlab describes REW İstanbul as one of the most important opportunities for cooperation in the sector by bringing together with municipalities and the working in the fields of environmental technologies and waste management.