REW İstanbul


The 14th edition of International Recycling, Environmental Technologies and Waste Management Trade Fair REW Istanbul was organized by İFO Fair Organization, a part of Tarsus Group, at Tüyap Beylikdüzü with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on February 15th to 17th. During the three-days event, 9 thousand 748 local and international professionals visited the fair. The event featured so many innovations including energy generation from wastes, recycling facilities and products, waste collection and transport vehicles, on-board equipment and containers, urban cleaning environmental vehicles and equipment, new generation waste collection machines, waste boxes, waste water treatment and treatment plant equipment.

The exclusive sessions held by the Ministry under the topics of ‘‘Management of Packaging Wastes’’, ‘‘Management of Mining Wastes’’, ‘‘Zero Waste towards 2023’’, ‘‘Control of Soil Pollution and Polluted Areas Information Control’’ and ‘‘Waste Water Management in Turkey’’ as part of the conventional conference schedule of International REW Istanbul attracted intense interest from visitors. During the fair, Occupational Safety Experts Association (İSGDER) made a couple of presentations regarding occupational health and safety. Besides, Evaluable Waste Materials Industry Association (TÜDAM) organized the ‘‘National Waste Management Strategy Symposium’’ during REW Istanbul event.

The 14th edition of International REW Istanbul, the leading environmental technologies event of Eurasia, was organized under the main topics of ‘‘Solid Waste, Waste Water, Waste Gas and Green Energy’’ with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. During REW Istanbul 2018, the exhibitors had the opportunity of interacting with the industrialists and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises wishing to convert their wastes into energy and raw materials as well as Organized Industrial Zones, municipalities having environmental responsibilities and obligations, sector representatives manufacturing finished and semi-finished products from wastes, producers of machines, materials and equipment used in environmental technologies, and the investors intending to expand into new markets.

The Ministry held special sessions and TÜDAM organized a symposium!

International REW İstanbul 2018 also featured many conferences that addressed sectoral innovations as well as waste management, recycling and sustainable environment agendas. The sessions about ‘‘management of wastes’’ as held by the experts from the Packaging Wastes Management Branch Directorate, Mining Wastes Management Branch Directorate and Zero Waste Management Branch Directorate, which are all affiliated to the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization – General Directorate of Environmental Management, attracted intense interest from the visitors at the fair.

Evaluable Waste Materials Industry Association (TÜDAM) organized ‘‘National Waste Management Strategy Symposium’’ as hosted by REW Istanbul and attended by BIR (Bureau of International Recycling), Ministry of Economy – General Directorate of Import and Export, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization– Waste Management Division and authorized officers of the Competition Authority.

For more information about the 15th edition of the International REW Istanbul, you can visit the website www.rewistanbul.com.