REW İstanbul

Industry’s magnetics requirements will be showcased at REW Istanbul 2016

MIKNATIS Research and Development Mining Company was established for reseaching Turkey’s “Magnetics” requirements and producing magnetic systems. The Company makes a contribution to the sector as a producer and importer, and is the producer and manufacturer of magnetic systems and solution oriented projects such as magnetic separators and magnetic conveying systems.

Mıknatıs R&D branded products and services can be viewed on their stand during REW Istanbul from 28-30 April. Mıknatıs R&D believes in the importance of environmental technologies and waste management and emphasising energy conervation provided by recycling of raw material sources.

Products and Services that will be displayed during the fair include:

1. Scrap Conveying Magnetics

2. Electromagnetic Plates

3. Semi Magnetic Drummed Separator

4. Self-cleaning Magnetic Plate

5. Magnetic Plates (Y35-N35)

6. Self-cleaning Magnetic Drummed Band System

7. Griddle Separator

8. Saddle Type Separator

9. Self-cleaning Hive

10. Magnetic Liquid Separator

11. Magnetic Filter

12. High Intensity Liquid Separator

13. Missile-type Separator

14. Impact Type Plate System

15. Plate Hive Type Separator

16. Half-duplex Magnetic Drummed Separator

17. Magnetic Cars and Hand Magnets

18. Magnetic Plates for Forklift

19. Metal Detector