REW İstanbul

​ER-KA KAĞIT Takes Its Place at REW İstanbul 2019!

Since it was established in 1997 in İnegöl, Bursa, ERKA ÇEVRE has taken new steps and actions in waste management and aims to be one of the leading companies in the country. The Company operates in the collecting, sorting and recycling of municipal and industrial waste. ERKA Kağıt started a separation at source and recycling Project in the İnegöl district and collects packaging waste there in accordance with the Packaging Waste Management Plan, which has been approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. In addition to municipal facilities, within the context of their licence, the Company collects waste with 35 vehicles and 320 containers. ERKA Çevre has an environmental permit and licence for packaging waste collecting and sorting, recycling of packaging waste (plastics, wood, metallic packages), collecting and sorting of non-hazardous scrap (including metal scrap), non-hazardous waste recycling (plastic waste), hazardous waste handling, recycling of hazardous waste, slug recycling and tanker decontamination (contaminated package).

ERKA Kağıt has obtained the Environmental Consulting Compliance Certificate in order to provide an integrated service. They provide environmental consultancy to all kinds of investors, companies and institutions who could affect the environment. With their experienced 13 environmental engineers, ERKA provides consultancy services to 150 enterprises. ERKA Kağıt mentioned that this is the first-time they will take part in REW İstanbul. They will be introducing their Company and welcoming visitors to their booth in Hall 8, Booth K-12.