REW İstanbul

​Amandus KAHL Pelleting presses will be displayed at REW İstanbul

Pelleting of renewable raw materials for energy recovery has been a topic for KAHL for more than 30 years since they received corresponding research assignments after the energy crisis in the 1970's. Straw and dried forage pelleting plants have formed part of their delivery program since then.

KAHL Pelleting pressesare extremely suitable for compacting a large variety of products with their long-standing experience.Heavy machinery pays off when it comes to processing of these products. The result is a high operational safety and availability for continuous operation of the plant. KAHL will display these high quality pelleting presses on their stand no E-50 hall 14.

Possible applications of the KAHL pelleting press:

Wood waste, sawdust, wood and sanding dust, straw, agricultural biomass, waste paper, municipal and industrial waste,

waste tyres, sewage sludge, plastic waste and many more ...

Technical specs of the products which will be displayed at the fair:

Amandus Kahl offers pelleting presses with a drive power from 3 kW to 600 kW. In total,

12 different sizes are available.

The production capacities of most plants range between 1.5 and 8 t/h per press.

Smaller plants work efficiently, too. Larger plants of up to 40 t/h are provided for industrial

production of pellets.