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Alarming lack of environmental technologies being used in Turkey’s Industrial Zones!

Research conducted by İFO Fuarcılık, organizer of the REW Istanbul 2016 – the 12th International Recycling, Environmental Technologies and Waste Management Trade Fair, highlighted the environmental record of Turkey’s Organized Industrial Zones. According to the results from 284 Organized Industrial Zones, with 31804 companies operating, there are significant shortcomings in the level of investments in environmental technologies. İFO Fuarcılık Managing Director Zekeriya Aytemur said, “Just 51 of the Organized Industrial Zones in Turkey which due to their production activities, account for many harmful and dangerous emissions, particularly waste water, have an environmental management system. Therefore, most of the water released from these industrial zones is discharged directly without treatment into the environment’’. Mr Aytemur added that there are only 32 organized industrial zones that treat their waste water although they have an environmental management system in place. However, over 1500 waste water treatment plants are to be constructed with an investment of TL 9 billion by 2023 according to the waste water action plan prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation. Mr Aytemur is confident that as a result the Organized Industrial Zones will make environmental investments in line with this action plan”.

Environmental research undertaken across Turkey’s Organized Industrial Zones where thousands of mainly SME’s operate, have a poor record in terms of recycling and waste management. According to results, only 22 of total 284 Organized Industrial Zones in Turkey have systems for dangerous waste management, 112 of them have pre-waste water treatment plant, 74 of them have central waste water treatment, 72 of them have domestic waste management, 28 of them have process waste management and 26 of them have packaging waste management.

There is no environmental management system at 233 of the Organized Industrial Zones!

Although the Organized Industrial Zones in Turkey play an important role in the future sustainability, the study indicates that only 51 organized industrial zones currently have an environmental management system. It is concerning that 19 of these zones have no central waste water treatment system, 32 of them do not have process waste management systems and 34 do not have dangerous waste management systems.

The same study also indicated that the number of specialized environmental personnel employed in organized industrial zones is insufficient. According to figures, there are currently only 300 environmentally trained personnel working in a total of 31,804 companies across the 284 Organized Industrial Zones.

REW Istanbul 2016, Eurasia’s environmental technology showcase, will provide a timely guide the Organized Industrial Zones as they plan for the right investment

The 12th International REW Istanbul Fair will be held at Tüyap Fair & Exhibition Center, from 28 – 30 April 2016, will be an important opportunity for those Organized Industrial Zones to address their significant shortcomings with regard to environmental investments. The management of these Zones and the representatives of producers that operate in these zones, will find a comprehensive range of innovations regarding recycling, waste management and environmental technologies at REW Istanbul 2016.

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