REW İstanbul

14th REW ISTANBUL, February 15– 17, 2018!

We announce 2018 International REW Istanbul, leading environmental technologies fair in Eurasia. The organizer of the event, IFO Fuarcilik herewith announces 14th REW Istanbul to be launched on February 15-17, 2018 at Tüyap Beylikdüzü and to host the state-of-the-art products, technologies, machinery, materials and equipment under the heading of “Solid Waste, Waste Water, Waste Gas and Green Energy”. As in previous years, International REW Istanbul 2018 is organized together with the OHS Eurasia Occupational Health and Safety Fair.

International REW Istanbul, which introduces recycling, recovery, waste management and environmental technologies solutions, which primarily shall attract attention of municipalities as well as SME’s and industrial organizations of all sizes, to be launched on February 15–17, 2018. The event, organized every year since 2005, lately in March, brought together 150 firms from 14 countries and 9,506 professionals from the country and abroad.

Two fairs together in 2018!

Like in the past three years, 2018 International REW Istanbul, being the industry’s leading venue in Eurasia, is launched together with the Occupational Health and Safety Fair OHS Eurasia. Therefore, professionals visiting Tüyap Beylikdüzü will have the opportunity to see at a time state-of-the-art developments in recycling, environmental technologies and waste management, as well as innovations in the field of “Occupational Security, Occupational Health, Occupational Safety and Training, Consultancy and Risk Analysis”.

Main headings of the traditional RTEW Istanbul Conferences will form the sector’s agenda …

REW Istanbul, which from the very first day have become central event in the industry business, through the conferences shall bring in the industry 2018 agendas to the fair. Within the scope of the conference program, speakers, professionals in their field, will share their knowledge, while corporate participants through their product presentations shall share the values added and innovations in the industry.

For detailed information and participation in the International REW Istanbul visit our website www.rewistanbul.com. 14th International REW Istanbul shall reopen on February 15-17, 2018.