REW İstanbul

The Future of Water Treatment will be on display at REW Istanbul 2015!

IFO Fuarcılık, organizer of the ‘International Recycling, Environmental Technologies and Waste Management Trade Fair’ REW Istanbul, highlighted the amount of water consumed in manufacturing production and the importance of sustainable water and waste water recovery and treatment.

To coincide with ‘World Water Day’, Zekeriya Aytemur, Managing Director of İFO Fuarcılık commented that today, on average 350 tons of water is consumed for production of a car, 7.5 tons for four car tyres, 4 tons for a cotton T-shirt and 8 tons for a pair of leather shoes etc. He added that “water is consumed in almost all branches of manufacturing production particularly in heavy industry. According to data from the Turkish Statistics Institute; municipalities, villages, industrial production facilities, thermal power plants, organized industrial zones (OSB) and mining enterprises, used 14.3 billion m3 of water directly from water sources in 2012. When the ratio of increase in production is considered, today this figure will be at least 15-20% higher. According to our research on OSBs across Turkey last year, we found that 45% of 273 Organized Industrial Zones which are home to 43,000 companies, do not have a central water treatment system. Recovery of water in production is as important as consumption.”

The fundamental solution for water shortage is water recovery!

Drought is a fundamental problem that threatens life in the near future and this underlines the importance of “Water recovery” for sustainable environmental living. Thanks to the latest treatment and recovery technologies, pollution can be prevented by treating industrial waste water. It is also possible to recover significant amounts of industrial and domestic waste water and use it again in manufacturing production processes. At the REW Istanbul 2015 fair which takes place from 11-13 June at the Tüyap convention and exhibition center Istanbul, the latest technologies, systems and applications regarding advanced treatment of waste water, recovery and re-use in production will be exhibited. Mr Aytemur commented, “REW Istanbul 2015 will demonstrate in a very practical way how manufacturers can not only move to a more sustainable production process, but they can also find out this efficiency will save them money in the future.”

Leading water and waste water treatment technologies will be on display.

As the most important international fair of its kind in Turkey, REW İstanbul 2015 will provide visitors with a comprehensive display of new technologies and applications across many different fields such as advanced treatment of waste water, water treatment processes, recovering of valuable materials from waste water, re-use of cooling waters etc. This fair will initiate millions of US$ in trade as well as exhibiting recycling, recovery, waste management and environmental technologies required for sustainability. For more information about REW İstanbul, you can visit the official website of fair www.rewistanbul.com.