REW İstanbul

The future of Turkey, which is dependent on foreign natural gas, lies in bioenergy!

Due to the current political crisis with Russia, the dependence on foreign energy sources is a hot topic again. Turkey is seeking to find alternative sources for this imported energy. This means bio-energy has become a much more important issue which is being discussed more intensively.

İFO Fuarcılık, organizer of the International Recycling, Waste Management and Environmental Technologies Trade Fair, REW Istanbul, has announced that bio-energy, which was discussed last year as a special agenda item, could be an alternative start point in terms of Turkey’s dependence on foreign sources. Zekeriya Aytemur, Managing Director of İFO Fuarcılık said: “We can focus on the example of Sweden which imports waste for electricity generation. There are millions of tons of biological waste in Turkey that could be converted to electrical energy and heat source. Mr. Aytemur added: “Today, there are approximately 9 thousand biogas plants in Germany whilst in Turkey facilities converting biological wastes to energy 81 MW electrical energy per year. According to the inputs of Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization 6%-12% of total electricity requirements could be supplied by using all the biogas potential in Turkey. 1 m3 biogas generated from wastes is equal to 1 m3 natural gas that we import from other countries. Therefore, bio-energy can reduce the import of natural gas.”

Bio-energy which has been in the shadow of natural gas, nuclear energy and HEPP projects, is again a top item on the agenda in the current crisis with Russia. Bioenergy and biogas which are quite new energy sources in Turkey as compared particularly with the European Union, is an important alternative to natural gas in terms of electricity generation and heating. For instance, the animal wastes generated in the biogas plant that was established by Arbiogas A.Ş. at the integrated milk and feed production facilities of Sütaş in Aksaray, is converted to usable energy. Also, the companies in the Turkish cement sector that were previously using coal energy at their production plants are now using the fuels generated from waste residues.

Bio-energy and green energy technologies will be on display at REW Istanbul!

The 12th edition of Turkey’s first recycling, waste management and environmental technologies fair, REW Istanbul will take place at Tüyap Beylikdüzü on April 28-30 and play host to these bio-energy technologies that will help reduce Turkey's dependence on foreign sources of imported energy. Particularlyindustrial plants that consume high amounts of energy due to their production activities can find green energy alternatives that can significantly reduce their costs at REW Istanbul 2016.

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