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New Environmental Permit and License Regulation comes into force in Turkey

The new Environmental Permit and License Regulation makes it obligatory for production plants to obtain a Certificate of Activity.

Amendments to regulations first prepared in 2010 by the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization as part of the EU Harmonization Code provide an integrated and practical approach for industrialists to deliver benefits such as minimizing time and resource loss. In accordance with the Regulation, if the necessary environmental measures are not implemented, industrialists in Turkey will face sanctions. Those facilities which are subject to these regulations must first obtain approval and a Certificate of Activity.

Zekeriya Aytemur, General Manager of İFO Fuarcılık, organizer of Turkey’s first international environmental technologies fair, REW İstanbul, explained that with the Ministry’s new regulations, those plants which come under these regulations must first obtain a Certificate of Activity to continue their production activities. He added that “those enterprises which are responsible for minimizing loss through recycling, recovery and disposal of their production waste, must install in their plants, the environmental technology and infrastructure as stipulated in the regulations in order to obtain the said certificate.” He went onto say that industrialists will find those technologies, products and services required to comply with their environmental requirements at REW Istanbul 2015, being held 11-13 June, Istanbul.

Amendments to the current Environmental Permit and License Regulations are based on the principles of sustainable development by improving efficiency, problem solving and clarifying requirements to facilitate implementation. The regulations cover sectors such as Energy, Metal, Chemistry, Petro-chemistry, Surface Coating, Forestry Products, Food Industry and Agriculture & Livestock which are required to take appropriate measures. REW Istanbul 2015 – the International Recycling, Environmental Technologies and Waste Management Fair, will provide industrialists with all necessary solutions.

Through a series of panel discussions and workshops to be held at the fair, the major points about the new regulations will be discussed. Participants will then be able to meet with professional solution providers offering the latest equipment and services, exhibiting at REW Istanbul 2015.

REW Istanbul 2015 is one of the Sponsors of Waste Management Symposium

REW İstanbul has the mission of being part of the solution by supporting the developments in recycling, waste management and recovery beyond simply its role as the country’s leading trade fair. It is a sponsor of the Waste Management Symposium to be held in Antalya from 25-29 January 2015 held in coordination with the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the General Directorate of Environmental Management, with organization of TÜÇEV (Turkish Environmental Protection Foundation). The symposium will be for universities, the private sector, environmental organizations, chambers of commerce, unions, institutes and municipalities, who will come together to discuss the developments in waste management and to find out how to strengthen and improve waste management implementation