REW İstanbul

More than half of the waste generated in Turkey can be recycled!

Recycling is an area identified as offering huge potential for improving national welfare and has been included in the ‘National Strategy and Action Plan of Turkey’. As Eurasia’s leading trade fair for this sector, REW Istanbul continues to grow in importance.

According to the ‘National Recycling Strategy Document and Action Plan 2014-17’ published by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, more than half of the waste generated in Turkey can be recycled. The plan identifies recycling as offering huge potential for  improving national welfare across the country. Zekeriya Aytemur, Managing Director of İFO Fuarcılık, organiser of REW Istanbul 2015,  the 11th  International Recycling, Environmental Technologies and Waste Management Trade Fair in Turkey, stated that he believes that the National Recycling Strategy and Action Plan will make a major contribution to both supplies of cheaper raw material input for production and a sustainable environmental scenario. Mr. Aytemur also added that “One of the objectives mentioned in the action plan is to create the infrastructure required to effectively recycle waste. The technologies, products and services along with their  applications required to create this sustainable infrastructure will be exhibited at REW Istanbul 2015 from 11-13 June. He also emphasized that according to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute - TUİK, 19.3 billion TL of environmental expenditure was made in 2013 and the plan  make reference to the investment in recycling will be financially supported. “Local Authorities, SMEs, public and private enterprises, responsible for the environment, be able to easily seek financial funds for necessary investments” he added.

The challenges experienced due to increasing levels of waste as a result of rapid economic growth i.e. industrialization, urbanization and increases in population, the importance of effective “waste management” has continued to become ever more important. Waste management strategies aimed at reducing rapid consumption of natural resources and, converting waste which pose a threat to the environment and human health, has now been recognized in state policy in Turkey as in other countries around the world. Furthermore, with the objective of turning waste into an economic input with value, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology has published a National Recycling Strategy Document and Action Plan.

“To create the awareness of recycling in all segments of society, improve the relevant legislation in terms of recycling, set up the infrastructure required to effectively recycle wastes, provide financial support for recycling and establish an efficient audit system by recording waste generation” are among the objectives of the plan which aims at setting a roadmap for the actions that must be taken in the near future in recycling.

Private sector made 1.4 billion TL profit from environmental sector activities in 2013!

Through the leadership of the Turkish Ministry, an action plan has been created which includes the targets and implementations that are going to be used until the year 2017. The environmental costs of the public sector in 2013 based on the latest data announced by the TÜİK- Turkish Statistical Institute, reached 15 billion TL and environmental revenues remained at 10.2 billion TL. However, the private sector spent 4.3 billion TL on environmental expenses and earned 5.7 billion TL in revenues in 2013.

REW Istanbul will open its doors from 11-13 June

REW Istanbul 2015, the 11th International Recycling, Environmental Technologies and Waste Management Trade Fair,   will display the latest environmental products and technologies  for recycling, solid waste management, waste water management, waste gas management and green energy, opening its doors from 11-13 June at the  Tüyap Fair and Congress Center Istanbul. Established as the largest and most important environmental fair in the Eurasia region, REW Istanbul 2015 will present the latest developments regarding the necessary infrastructural investments in accordance with the action plan announced by the Ministry.

For more information, participation and online invitation to REW Istanbul 2015, please visit the official website of the event www.rewistanbul.com.